Provision of Welding House Equipment

Welding activities performance within dangerous environment will requires none other than competent personnel and reliable equipment.  Accordingly, we offer internationally certified user-friendly Welding House equipments that will only took minutes to assemble or dismantle (ie. adjustable modular configuration) without possing any operation disturbances, which complete the hot work faster and reduce personnel exposures to risk significantly.



Each of our Welding House is equiped with international standards safety equipment calibration (ie. SIRIM-QAS, IEC, IECEx, ATEX, OSHA and FM) comprising of:

  • Four layers of physical protection:

> Aluminium foil backed by fibreglass technical textile

> Heavy-duty vermiculite and silicone coated fibreglass welding pad

> Heavy-duty welding curtain made of high-silica technical textile with vermiculite coating

> Heavy-duty double silicone coated fibreglass technical textile

  • Ventilation
  • Pressurization
  • Hazard detection and monitoring
  • Temperature control
  • Ignition prevention
  • Visibility
  • Digital manometer featuring dual alarms triggered by internal pressure changes at 30 Pascal (warning) and 25 Pascal (emergency)
  • Gas sensor unit which detects flammable and toxic gases within one second
  • Emergency response.


Simply put, our Welding House features will lead us to hours or maybe days of shutdown save-time and operation-cost efficiencies which saves you more budget eventually!