Provision of H2S Solutions

H2S occurance will be most likely detected during upstream and downstream operations performed by the oil and gas industry. Exposure to such gas through inhalation is associated with fatality or sudden death risks without any warning symptoms. These are the reasons why working at H2S exposure enviornment possess incredible challenges.


Our H2S solutions will address two critical factors: Human error; and Mechanical fault or failure.


To eliminate human erorrs during the operations, our experienced personnel are able to customize world class safety protection solutions for operators as well as emphasizing continuous awareness training with a hands-on approach. However, we realise that people competency will not be sufficient to overcome these challenges. Accordingly, we couple our personnel with reliable safety equipment from wellknown manufacturers to assure that our equipments improved mobility and safety for workers.



Assurance from human erorr and mechanical fault free will be in waste without proper inspection. Accordingly, our equipements are regularly inspected by qualified third party based on manufacturer recommendations and applicable international standards.


To sum up, our H2S solutions provides a range of safety detection, protection and consultancy on H2S exposure with:

  • Site-specific H2S safety and contingency planning in compliance with occupational safety and health and international standards
  • Rental of gas detection and monitoring systems (fixed and mobile units) for H2S toxic gas, combustible gases and harmful environmental emission gasses during drilling, coring, well-testing and other critical or non-critical operations where gas exposure is expected; with periodic gas tube sampling
  • Rental of comprehensive, well-maintained respiratory protection equipment (RPE) and systems from premier safety equipment manufacturers:-
  • 30/60-minute Rescue Unit (Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus, SCBA)
  • 10/15-minute Emergency Escape Set (Emergency Escape Breathing Apparatus, EEBA)
  • 10/15-minute Supplied Air Work Line Unit (Supplied Air Breathing Apparatus, SABA)


Simply put, H2S safety demands utmost compliance and competent personnel only!