Danger of Toxic Gases

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Danger of Toxic Gases

Danger of Toxic Gases

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Poisonous gas

As we know poisonous gas is something dangerous, therefore we need to carry out training if we work in a field where poisonous gas is present. short meaning toxic gases are gases that react with blood and can cause death.

Which includes the following poisonous gases:

·         Chlorine

·         Arsenic

·         Carbon monoxide

·         Sarin

·         Compound 1080

·         Ricin.

Flammable toxic gas safety service training

Toxic gas is a chemical gas that can cause poisoning if the gas is inhaled by humans. Toxic gas safety service training is very necessary to anticipate undesirable events.

Gas Equipment Sales and Utility Services

Utilities are a set of services provided by organizations that are consumed by the public: coal, electricity, natural gas, water, wastewater, telephone, and transportation.


After reading the explanation above, Winarto Mitra Pratama (WMP) briefly started training and providing flammable toxic gas services in 2012. Because clients wanted wider coverage, in 2015 WMP started selling and servicing gas equipment as well as utility work.


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